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Block Paving


Block paved driveways are a popular choice for many homeowners as they transform the kerb appeal of a home and create a stunning, individual look as they can be customised with patterns, kerbs and steps.

We have a highly skilled team to carry out all the work we do. That way, we are able to ensure the quality of everything we do and can confidently offer a 10-year guarantee on all our driveways.  

A driveway takes a great deal of punishment with the weight of vehicles, so it is crucial to engage a company with a proven track record of quality workmanship like us if you need a driveway.

When we design and build it, you can be sure that your driveway will be well built and will look stunning in years to come.  We have a good reputation and aim to keep it.






  • Highly attractive solution that compliments any home
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Prevents the build-up of surface water
  • A wide range of colours and styles and designs are available
  • Blocks are manufactured, therefore are uniform
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye



Before & After




We lay Drives and patios and have an experienced team that aim to create outstanding designs. We will ensure your satisfaction when we build so that you can have your design.


In addition to this you can also design your design by  yourself and we will assess it to see if it possible to build.  To get an idea of what we can do, we can create kerbs, diamonds and stairs through block paving to ensure you have 100% satisfaction.

We have a wide range of styles for you to choose from, they come in different block styles, colours and sizes, our experts can help you select the best option for you and your home. The blocks can be laid in almost any pattern you specify.


Drain & Manhole Covers

We also incorporate drains, where necessary.

Newly built block pave driveway showing drainage channel

Manhole covers can be blended in with the block pave design.



Before & After - Driveway

Laying a block pave driveway





Block Pave driveway, steps & paths

Block Paved step incorporated into the design

Block pave design extended to the front door and path

Block Paved Driveway

with contrasting edgings on the outer perimeter and the inside perimeter

Block Paving Pathway

Block paving pathway leading direct to the front door, leaving a nice entrance to the property.

Wide enough to park the car.

Blocks have kerb edgings on one side.

The Block pave has a contrasting dark block edging surrounding the main block pave colour scheme.



Low maintenance

One of the best advantages of installing block paving is that it is incredibly low maintenance. Due to the nature of the material it does not require top polishing and will never need repainting in the future. In fact, just regularly washing your driveway or patio with simple soap and water will do the trick and help keep it looking fresh and bright for years to come. Additionally, block paving can easily withstand harsh, erratic weathers, making it an ideal material for the fluctuating British weather.

Highly versatile

Block paving is offered in an impressive range of colours and styles, meaning the options for your driveway or patio are almost endless. It is also a great material to create driveway designs, including intricate patterns and shapes which can be formed out of the different blocks.

Enhance the visual appeal of your home

Due to the wide selection of styles block paving can offer, it is sure to instantly enhance the visual appeal of your home. Whether you want a simple, traditional paving design or something a lot more complex and striking, block paving is a fantastic material to achieve a great look. You can be certain it will be able to provide something that will complement your home and accurately reflect your needs, tastes and budget.

More environmentally friendly

In comparison to other surfacing options, block paving is particularly environmentally friendly. This is due to its porous nature, which means block paving provides an area for water to rest during rainy seasons. You will not notice surface water on your paving, as it will be drawn in by the material. However, it will prevent the water from gathering or flooding, allowing you to create better drainage on your driveway or patio.

Durable and hard-wearing

Block paving is very durable and is expected to last reliably for at least 20 years. It is a great material for a driveway or patio as it is incredibly hard-wearing and, as such, can easily cope with lots of motor and pedestrian traffic. In fact, it is able to withstand so much pressure that it is commonly used in airports and docks – a testament to its capabilities. Additionally, it is unaffected by frosts, salts, oils and most chemicals, making it a popular choice in heavy industrial sites.

Block Paving comes in a variety of colours, shapes & sizes.


There are a variety of designs to choose from.

Bespoke designs can be incorporated into the main design.

A variety of edgings can be used to compliment or contrast your main driveway, path or patio.


Removed the old driveway/lawn

Prepared the area for the block paved driveway

Installed a drainage channel

Finished driveway - block paved driveway with a contrasting block pave near the edging, complete with drainage channel



Dug out the old worn, cracked concrete drive and path to the front door


New block pave driveway extended to the front door

Contrasting edgings on the perimeter on the inside, middle and outside


Block Laying

Laying Block Paving


The first step is to prepare the area, clear the ground where the block paving is to be laid. The area for the block paving will be dug out, hard core laid and leveled and compacted. A weed free membrane is also installed.




Paving is laid on a compacted laying course of sharp sand (screed as it is known in the trade) approximately 25-30 mm deep. This is leveled out using screed rails and lines.


Depending on the choice of paving, the block paving is laid either randomly using different sizes, or as is most commonly seen, a herringbone pattern using the same size blocks with a soldier course or stretcher bond around the perimeter edge, or just on the perimeter, often called 'edgings'.


Blocks are cut precisely using a disc cutter with a diamond tipped blade to infill where necessary.


Where a recessed manhole cover and tray has been installed, blocks are then laid and cut to match the existing pattern.


Kiln dried sand is swept onto the paving and vibrated into the joints with a compaction plate. This process ensures paving is levelled and the filling of the joints assists with the locking effect created by the paving pattern, thus allowing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


Finished Driveway


After removing all surplus sand, a stabilising solution is applied to the entire area of paving. This will ensure the sand is not washed or blown away during the early stages following completion.


Finished Driveway

Block Pave Driveway


Removed the old cracked concrete driveway and path



Installed a new block pave driveway, extending it over the pathway, with contrasting block pave edgings


Removed the tree and bushes from the front of the property and dug out the old tarmac drive


Installed a block pave driveway in front of the property

Block paving with contrasting edgings



Cleaning Block Paving

Little maintenance is required with block paving.

However, over time dirt, debris and even weeds may gather and spoil the look of your block paving.

We provide a cleaning service which will eradicate the weed growth and bring your driveway back to looking its best.





Occasionally you may require a

re-sanding service.

Where, after cleaning, we will apply the kiln dried sand, brush in and compact.

Sealing Service

We also provide a sealing service.

After cleaning the block pave can be sealed with a sealant which will help protect the block pave surface and keep the weeds at bay for longer.

Please contact us for more advice



Installing a Block Pave Driveway