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Cleaning A Block Pave Driveway

The image depicts the process of power washing the block pave driveway

It shows the dirt, debris and moss growth and what it reveals once the grime has been removed

You can even see the design now!


Cleaning a Block Paved Driveway

Although block paving requires very little maintenance, it will over time collect dirt, debris and plant life.

We provide a cleaning service, initially treating and removing the plant life and then power washing it clean.

It's amazing how cleaning can spruce the driveway up

We also provide a re-sanding service.

After cleaning the driveway, re-sanding makes such a difference to the driveway.

Even after cleaning there will still be kiln dried sand in between the block paving, however it is also a good idea to top this up by brushing in more kiln dry sand.

Kiln dried sand is brushed into the joints of the block paving this provides the necessary friction for the blocks during the movement of traffic over the area.

Any excess sand can be brushed away.  If any small deposits of sand are left the wind and rain will disperse it naturally.

We provide a sealing service, if required.

After the cleaning process has been completed and the block paving allowed to dry.

Re-sanding is then undertaken and a sealant can be applied to help protect the driveway from moss and plant growth for longer than if left unsealed.



Before & After

BEFORE - the driveway/pathway was covered in dirt, debris and moss growth

AFTER - all dirt, debris and weed growth removed and treated